How to install Minecraft Forge

Installing Forge on your server

In this article we will be explaining how to install Forge on your server, we will be using version 1.12.2, but the process should be the same for other versions.



1. Go to to select a version you want to install.

We will be installing forge 1.12.2, we recommend installing the Recommended versions of these jars due to the latest having bugs and issues.


2. After downloading the installer, make a folder on your desktop placing the jar into it.


3. Double click the installer jar to run it to download the files needed to be able to run the server. Select Install Server and select the directory you made on your desktop as the destination


4. After the installer has finished installing, you will be prompted with only 3 necessary items, library folder, minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar and forge-1.12.2-

The names 1.12.2 will be replaced with whatever version you choose to download, so no need to worry about that.


5. Proceed to your control panel -> Configuration -> SFTP Settings. Use the information there to login to SFTP via a FTP Application such as FileZilla or WinSCP. Your SFTP password is your control panel password

5.1. Login to your server via SFTP to upload the 3 necessary files

5.2. Right click the forge-1.12.2- file and rename it to server.jar

(As we've seen previously, the original name for this file may vary depending on the version you chose to install)

6. Go back to the control panel -> Console and click start, your server will now be started with Forge 1.12.2 or whatever version you selected at first.

And that would be all! If you wish to use SpongeForge please refer to this video

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