Sparked Host has been launched into space!

  • 31st July 2021
Today I am very proud to announce that our new website experience is here! Along with this, we have rebranded and changed our logo.  Around November 2020, we started using a space theme (and space objects) in our posts, and we changed our mission statement and company vision in August 2020, well, both were in preparation for our rebrand! This ...
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Enterprise Pricing

  • 21st June 2021
Hi all,I am just quickly announcing that as of June 13th, we have changed our Enterprise Hosting pricing to $2.20/GB. This will only apply to new orders. We are doing this so that we can ensure the quality is up to our standards. Due to the 1.17 update, there has been more CPU usage and RAM usage on servers and by upping the pricing, we will be ...
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Summer Sale 2021 + 1.17 Update!

  • 8th June 2021
Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Caves and Cliffs update is here as well!Start off your 1.17 summer with some amazing deals!SUMMER - 35% off the first month*SUMMER2MONTHS - 25% off for two months*SUMMERVPS - 20% off your first month of VPS Hosting*** Promo works on Minecraft, Game, Bot, and Web Hosting.* Promo does not work ...
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Backups are Back

  • 18th May 2021
If you did not know, off-site backups are now in production mode! This means if you have an Enterprise or Extreme Minecraft Server, you can create a ticket and request 3 backup slots for free. (If you want more slots, we will be adding a configurable option for this soon) If you have a Budget Minecraft Server, you can buy the backup addon (like ...
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