Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Caves and Cliffs update is here as well!

Start off your 1.17 summer with some amazing deals!

SUMMER - 35% off the first month*
SUMMER2MONTHS - 25% off for two months*
SUMMERVPS - 20% off your first month of VPS Hosting**
* Promo works on Minecraft, Game, Bot, and Web Hosting.
* Promo does not work for Budget 512 MB, 1 GB, or Enterprise 1 GB.
** Promo works on Budget 4+ GB VPS', and all Premium VPS plans.

Don't be lonesome this Summer, get a server to play the new update with your friends. This update is certain to be the best in recent years, enjoy the update and relax!

Stay tuned this Summer, we will be hosting many Community Events, and huge Giveaways, plus limited-time sales (possibly 80% off!) Be sure to join our Discord:

FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How can I change my Java Version on my server to Java 16? 

For everyone asking - Minecraft: PC 1.17 is already supported on all our hosting plans.
To use it, you will need to set your Java version to 16.
This can be done by going to your server's startup tab and selecting the one that says:
(it should be the last option on the list)
We will make this much easier to use in the upcoming couple of days.
If you don't see such an option, open a support ticket and we'll help you out as soon as we can.

2) Where can I download the 1.17 Server JARs, and how do I change it?
You can download the JARs from Follow this article to change your JAR and update your server:

3) How can I update my Bedrock server?
If you are on Vanilla Bedrock, follow these simple steps:
Step your server. Then go to File manager and delete the bedrock_server file. Next, go to Settings and press Reinstall Server and it should update the server, while keeping your worlds, etc. all in tact. 
If you are on PocketMine, please follow this article:

If you have any other questions. feel free to open a support ticket. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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